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Dr. Alan Brisco FICB, CNE, SRES

Sales Representative
Royal LePage R. E. Services Brisco Realty Group, B

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Brisco Realty Group, Brokerage

Residential real estate. Just bricks & mortar—glass and steel? Not to us!

Home is core of human life as much as is language. Just think of the many ways we use the word home.

I can't wait to get home. It's good to be home. Come in an make yourself at home. Feels homey. A house is not a home. I'll be home for the holidays. It's nothing to write home about. Press the point home. Is she really like that at home. Come home please! Watch out, your actions will come home to roost. I need to drive this point home. They'll eat us out of house and home. My home is you castle. My home is my sanctuary. I'm going down-home. I just feel at home. Cant's wait for home-cooking. We're in the home-stretch. Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. They sent money from home. How are things on the home front? Home-brewed. You're home free! I'll wait til the cows come home. It's a home-run! Charity begins at home. Home is where the heart is. Home sweet home. Keep the home fires burning. I've just gotta get home.

Or sad even devastating expressions about home... You can't go home again. He's never coming home. There's nobody home. It's just not home anymore. Their home burned down. It's great but it's just not home. Just leave home, won't you? Just take your marbles and go home. The lights are on but nobody's home! Not going to happen in this home. They're people without a home.

Just words and phrases? Sure....yet, in the English language we use the word home in all kinds of ways to communicate ideas and sentiments that no other word can capture quite the same way.

The idea of home is universally valued. And when someone doesn't have a home, they and we know instinctively that something isn't right. There's just no place like home.

Home is pivotal to us, because when we think about residential real estatewhich is what we do—we actually think about homes... yours and ours.

What about you and your home?

Will you stay where you are? If you move, where will your next home be... what will it be like... how you make it home... and what's most important to help you make all this happen?

Whether you're a home-buyer or a home-seller, this website offer resources and tools you can use to take informed action and intelligent decisions regarding the sale or purchase of your home.

Do simple or advanced searches. Save your work. Sign-up for email listing updates. Use online calculators. Download checklists, worksheets, and e-books. But the greatest value we provide to our clients may not be something you can see. Residential Real Estate is about homes... something at the core of who each of us is. 

Homes and home-matters often often involvee and sometimes create change; life's change chapters. Exhilerating and exhausting. Disruptive for sure. 

What's the change you're facing? 

  • Relocating from one town or city to another... in Canada or some faraway place?
  • Always been a renter, but now you're buying your first home?
  • After hours of conversation... it's time to move your family's multiple generations under one roof?
  • Maybe there's a gut-wrenching parting... forced by health, finances, or relational breakdown?
  • Or, after 35 or 40 years in your beloved home and neighcourhood you have decided (or must decide for someone else) that it's time to transition to a "stairless home" or just a simpler lifestyle.

Each of these situations calls for change, a certain type of change we call a transition. While we all encounter change everyday, few of us must move through transitions very often. Consequently, we don't have much practice with transitions. This is one of the reasons we are not as adept moving through transition as we are at dealing with life's inevitable changing rhythms.

Yet changing homes is inevitably a transtional event.  

Guiding you through your next change chapter?

How will your change chapter unfold? And who will help guide you through it? These are senssible considerations.

Whatever your change chapter... we're experienced Realtors with the expertise and resources to help level the road ahead and provide sound, sensible guidance to lessen the stress that often accompanies life changes. What's more... each of our people have experienced life. We're not newbies.  

Experience, expert transition specialists for when buying or selling a home:

  • Trusted advisors resource for answers about the transitioning process
  • Innovative marketing strategies
  • Expertise about neighbourhood features
  • Ability to target home searches
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Support through the closing and beyond

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